Are your plants thirsty?

Keep your house plants alive and healthy with intuitive technology and embedded expertise

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Pocket Jungle


Enjoy peace of mind with continuous monitoring of your indoor plants. Tracks everything your plant needs and notifies you when they’re getting thirsty.

  • Identify your plant with a photo
  • Monitor plant vitals
  • Optimise watering schedule
  • Smart notifications
  • Simple setup

How it works

Intuitive app
Intuitive app

A perfect companion helps you identify, plan and care for your indoor jungle

Share the care
Share the care

Household sharing lets you manage your plant care together

Know when to water
Know when to water

We’ll send you a notification when your pals are getting thirsty, or check in-app anytime

Custom built sensor
Custom built sensor

Coming soon, we’ve dreamed up everything your plant needs into a small sensor for incredibly accurate care

Sensor early access

We want to build the best products possible, so before we release publically we’re inviting select users to help test our beta product.

Tech Specs

  • Soil Moisture
  • Ambient Light
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • WiFI
  • USB Power
  • iOS App
  • 60 day history
  • SSL Encryption